A life spent between Milan, Paris, London and New York first as a model, then as an agent and discoverer of the most important models and finally, today as worldwide president of Women Management, the famous model agency of the Elite World group. Between shootings and  fashion shows, Piero has always found a way to dedicate himself to others, including Gulu, Uganda, as Ambassador of The Children for Peace .

Is there a common element between a job that puts you in constant contact with beauty and helping others?

I don’t think there’s any connection between my job and what I do in my private life. I’ve always been close to diversity and to people less fortunate than me since I was a child when I used to play with Down Syndrome children or I used to give children toys. As I always say… that’s the way I am and believe me that for me giving to others is also a healthy selfishness. I feel good when I see people around me happy for something I’ve done for them. I feel so lucky to have been born where I was born and into the family I’ve had. I often think that I could be born in Africa, or blind or handicapped. We all have the duty to make life easier to those who have a life less happy than ours, basically we all walk the same earth.

In ’96 You initiated and idea for charity “Models also have a heart”. What did you get from that experience? 

The ’96 experience is and remains the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done due to my job and it has a special place in my heart. The most famous supermodels in the world donated one of their fashion show fee to Anlaids and the initiative ended with a wonderful charity Gala attended by all the most important people in the fashion world. We had minimal expenses so in the end I could give Anlaids 400 milion lire! I’ve always used my work to create something for others and this is what I’m doing now. Convivio is no longer the same, as I see it, since Franca Sozzani and Prof. Moroni passed away. They were the soul of this wonderful event, the only one that could bring together all italian fashion designers for only one purpose and since Convivio’s birth the fashion worls has always been active and united for charity.  

Why did you choose to be an ambassador of “The Children For Peace”?

I’ve always been active in fighting all forms of discrimination but I was missing the real “doing something” after so many years spent as a volunteer for Infectious Diseases within the hospitals. Several well-known non-profit organizations asked me to become their Ambassador, one of the many. Getting closer to The Children for Peace, thanks to my friend Massimo Leonardelli who is the President of The Children for Peace Italia, I’ve found out a real family made up of few people and with no salary to be paid by the non profit organization that means all donations are used exclusively to support projects and help people taken over by the Onlus. 

The last trip to Gulu in Uganda confirmed what I was already thinking about this Organization: each case is considered and can continue being followed personally in every phase. I can’t wait to leave for many trips yet …

You have always supported Anlaids awareness campaigns. Where do you think we are today in preventing HIV?

Unfortunately since AIDS has become a disease you can live with, young people think we can fix everything taking a pill a day and there’s absolutely no awarness for dealing with prevention. There are no more awareness campaigns on this pathology and this is absolutely not right, as if everything had passed or never existed.