THE CHILDREN FOR PEACE and LA MILANESA together launch a new project "IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE" for children of Uganda.

Milan, 15 September 2020 - It's All About Love, a simple shopper bag that is in reality an act of love and pure solidarity for others, was born from the meeting between The Children for Peace - the NGO created in 2005 by the American philanthropist Debra Mace and assisted in Italy by Massimo Leonardelli - which works in some of the most unfortunate areas in the world to help HIV-positive children and their families as well as supporting the education and sustenance for children in each country where the NGO is present - and Cinzia Macchi, generous and eclectic designer of the La Milanesa brand. Cinzia Macchi has created a limited edition unisex shopper bag whose proceeds will be donated entirely to support the projects of the non-profit organization in Gulu, Uganda. The bag, in orange and gray tartan with wooden handles, is available at a cost of € 50 on the La Milanesa website or by calling +39 351 9724577. The initiative is one of the many activities implemented by the team of volunteer supporters of The Children for Peace, which in November will organize a fundraising dinner gala in Milan. In the photo Piero Piazzi, Ambassador of The Children for Peace and Cinzia Macchi founder and designer of the La Milanesa brand.

In the photo the models Nabou Thiam and Matt Dome, both discovered at the Elite Model Look Italia model scouting competition in 2019, with the It’s All About Love bag.

In the photo Piero Piazzi, Ambassador of The Children for Peace and the little Hiyab Negussie, protagonists of the first fundraising campaign launched in July by the non-profit organization, with the It's All About Love bag.

LAMILANESA fashion brand takes shape in the workshops of the artisans of the 5Vie district of Milan, precisely between Via Santa Marta and Via San Maurilio.It is here that in 2018 Cinzia Macchi, founder and designer of the brand, takes her first steps in the search for natural fabrics of recovery, with which to cover the bags that it infuses with its joy and elegance The search for recycled fabrics and the use of recycled fibers that offer up to 90% recovery of toxic substances, a recovery of 60% of energy consumption and up to 40% of reduced emissions, particular attention to everything that can harm our planet, fully supporting an eco-sustainability project, is contained in all the collections presented by LAMILANESA Bag.