• Lunalogic

    Lunalogic's sponsorship has allowed us to educate hundreds of children internationally.The company and its founder, Fadila Palmer, have paricipated in our international fund-raising events for many years. With offices in Paris, London and Hong Kong, this wonderful company is a leader in the finacial sector. They specialize in risk management, trade life cycle, quant, and insurance. They are consulting adn services innovators in finance.

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  • Acea

    Acea is one of the principle Italian multiutilies. Listed in the Italian Stock exchange (Borsa) in 1999, it is active in the management and development of networks and services in the business of water, energy and the environment.

    It's the first operator in the water sector and a major player in the Italian distribution and sale of electricity and in the environmental sector. The Group has over 7,000 employees.

    Acea has been a supporter of The CHildren for Peace for several years. We know we can always count on them.

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  • EPM Services

    E.P.M. is a public services undertaking and has been active in environmental services for over twenty years. It was established with only 7 employees in 1986 by a Neopolitan family , but after only three months from its founding, it was put up for sale and purchased by the Esposito family.

    E.P.M. is a contant supporter of The Children for Peace. Children are being educated because of their support.

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  • Mariano Foundation

    The Mariano Foundation is a family foundation led by its founder and benefactor, Steven M. Mariano, a leading financial services entrepreneur in south Florida. The Foundation is dedicated to serving the needs of the underprivileged communities around the country, with a particular emphasis on issues affecting children. In carrying out its mission, the Foundation seeks to identify critical projects that resonate with its trustees, establish goals in identified and promising areas, and support initiatives and organizations through grants and related activities.

    The Mariano Foundation is a strong supporter of The Children for Peace and because of the foundation, we have been able to continue our work in Africa.

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  • Nero Hotels

    Elegant by nature and with a vocation for hospitality: this is the Italy the world knows and loves. And this describes each single hotel partner of NERO Hotel Group, the new Blastness Distribution brand.

    Nero Hotels has been with The Children for Peace for several years and they host all our celebrities from abroad.

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  • Antica Pesa

    The restaurant's structure,, con accoglienza nel salottino iniziale ed una sala unica affrescata dagli artisti piu' affermati, dotata di impianto di climatizzazione, and particolarmente adatta a cene romantiche, eventi e cene di lavoro. Nel periodo estivo, invece, vengono ospitate nello splendido giardino interno, elegante cornice nel cuore di Trastevere.

    Known internationally for their exquisite food and wines in Rome and New York, the Antica Pesa has been with us since our inception. We rely on their support.

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  • Long Life Formula

    Long Life Formula is a unique and innovative method created by GVM Care &Research to better the quality of life. Long Life is a prominent sponsor of our work in Mali where we partner with Mujeres Solidarias from the University of Malaga in Spain.

    Long Life Formula placed The Children for Peace dining room at the Castrocaro Hotel and Spa in Forli, Italy.

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International Executive Committee

  • Debra Mace
  • Massimo Leonardelli
  • Claudie Stolz
  • Alice de Jenlis
  • Nour Gorani
  • Gustave Bonde
  • Joanna Dunbar
  • Catherine Saxton
  • Arthur Harutian
  • Fadila Palmer
  • Tiziana Rocca

International Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Wassim Khoury
  • Prof. Andrea Antinori
  • Dott.ssa Antonella Cingolani
  • Dott.re Piero Luigi Biondi
  • Prof. Francesco Mazzotta
  • Dott.re Mario Prandi
  • Prof.ssa Antonella D'Arminio Monforte
  • Dr. Carlo Zappalá

International Honorary Committee

  • Honorary Chairwoman Marisa Berenson
  • LL.AA.SS Domenico e Martine Orsini Duchi di Gravina
  • S.A.S. Ugo Windisch Graetz
  • S.A.R. Sharifa Nur Nasser Jamil Al Aoun
  • HRH Princess Maria Luisa of Prussia
  • Dama Montserrat Caballé
  • Contessa Marina Pavoncelli
  • Marchesa Marta Brivio Sforza
  • Contessa Marta Marzotto
  • Contessa Liuba Rosa Rizzoli
  • Ecc.za Alberto Bochicchio
  • Sig.re Adnan Khashoggi
  • Donna Lamia Khashoggi
  • Sig.ra Nabila Khashoggi
  • Sig.re Mohammad Khashoggi
  • Sig.ra. Denise Rich
  • Sig.ra Ivana Trump
  • Sig.re Luca Babini
  • Signora Rita Palmieri
  • Sig.ra Sandra Carraro
  • Dr. Massimo Gatti
  • Sig.re Fawaz Gruosi
  • Sig.re Michelangelo Imperiale
  • Sig.re Kledy Kadiu
  • Sig.ra Cristina Lucchini
  • Sig.ra Paola Cacianti
  • Sig.ra Bruna Rossi
  • Signora Iva Ivanova
  • Signore Francesco Panella
  • Dott.ssa Laura Laurenzi
  • Sig.ra Cinzia Malvini
  • Sig.ra Simon Marani
  • Sig.ra Chantal Montanarella
  • Dott.ssa Claudia Pepoli
  • Sig.re Sergio Primerano
  • Sig.re Fabio Spinola
  • Dott.ssa Chiara Zarlocco
  • Signora Laura Piva
  • Signora Paola Comin
  • Dottoressa Lucia Magnani
  • Signore Alessandro La Rocca
  • Signora Angela Grimaldi
  • Signore Piero Fusco
  • Signore Giorgio Martelli
  • Signore Antonio Gavazzeni
  • Signore Alessandro Boero
  • Signora Francesca Macchia
  • Signore Pietro Lembo
  • Signore Andrea Delfini
  • Signore Giovanni Ciacci
  • Signore Luca Florentino
  • Dottoressa Antonella Cingolani
  • Dottor Daniele Maver
  • Signora Giuseppina Marini
  • Signore Vincenzo Grasso
  • Signore Stefano Guindani
  • Dottor Maurizio Cappelli
  • Signora Flavia Donà delle Rose
  • Signore Fabrizio Broccoletti
  • Signora Arianna Spallone
  • Signore Michele Dell'Uomo
  • Signora Berta Maria Zezza
  • Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi
  • Dott. Matteo Marzotto