Our project in Gulu

With your help, we can build a shelter in Gulu that will welcome about 150 mostly orphaned children. They will receive meals, games, medical care and financial aid will be given to their foster families.

Our project in New Askar Camp

The Children for Peace has created and implemented a supplemental education program for 800 children living in New Askar Camp. The education program has university students who tutor the children in their free time. The Children for Peace created a family aid program to improve learning opportunities.

Our project in Gulu

We raised the necessary funds to construct a new medical health center that allows for the increase in health and medical services in the Gulu area. Now your help is essential for the purchase of hospital beds, medical devices and medical equipment. 

Our project in Syria

The Children for Peace is constantly working to help approximately 1200 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. We have built a school and the project helps pay for teachers’ salaries, text books and school supplies.  Contact us for more information.

“La goia di dare e immensa, lo sguardo dei bambini ti fa capire che l’esperienza che si vive e mista anche ad una grande angoscia, poiche mi fa pensare a quanto noi abbiamo e disperdiamo ogni giorno nelle nostre case e nella nostra societa, mentre loro ne farebbero un buon uso.”

– Massimo Leonardelli, Presidente Italia

“The Children For Peace”

“Looking at a child I see so much life, so much hope and so many dreams. A child’s smile illuminates, expresses fun and happiness no matter the condition in which the child lives, emanating a special kindness only child can give. When I see a child able to smile in spite of the horrid conditions, the squalor in which the child lives, I cannot turn away, I cannot turn my back, I cannot pretend that there is nothing I can do, I cannot ignore the hope that I see in the child.”

– Debbie Mace Founder and President Worldwide

“The Children For Peace”