The Children for Peace in collaboration with Comboni Samaritans Center in Gulu is responsible for promoting education programs on HIV. In northern Uganda, only 40% of women between 15 and 24 have a knowledge of HIV infection. Thanks to the scientific collaboration with the Institute of Infectious Diseases of the Catholic University Santo Cuore in Roma, The Children for Peace is actively included in an empowerment project ( for women to reduce risk factors for HIV acquisition though the education of the women themselves and financial support for their children.


The Children for Peace and Mujeres Solidarias raised funds for the construction of a maternity clinic in the remote village of Sama. The clinic provides prenatal care, delivery help and health services to the surrounding villages. The Children For Peace provides school supplies and helps children successfully complete their studies and move onto the next school year.


The Children For Peace has implemented an education program for 800 children living in the “New Askar” refugee camp. The education program is administered by university students who dedicate their free time to teach the children and provide scholastic help. The Children For Peace has implemented a family aid program to improve learning.


 The Children For Peace provides help to 1200 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. We built a school in the camps where the children attend classes. Our funds are used for text books, teacher salaries and school supplies.


The Waunana is an indigenous tribe forced to leave their land and move to the slums of Bogotá. We help by funding the education of the children who are among the poorest in the world. We finance health checks for tribe members so they can get the medical care they need. We provide students with uniforms, school supplies and, when possible, transportation to and from school.